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Nursing Capacity Expansion – Transition Facilities

The project is being undertaken to develop capacity for an increase of students in Nursing programmes commencing in September 2023. The work involved the re-purposing of existing classroom space in the Nursing & Health Sciences Building at the Athlone east campus, into 2 new simulation training wards, the refurbishment of adjacent spaces on the campus into 3nr classrooms. The development will also involve a significant investment in specialist medical equipment by the Dept. of Nursing. The project is phase 1 of a two stage process; in 2025 additional works will be carried out to facilitate further student growth in Nursing programmes. Both phases of this project are a precursor to a planned major extension to the Nursing Building to create permanent facilities for the increased need for capacity in Nursing and healthcare programmes at TUS.

Timeline of project:  

Design Period: January 2023 – April 2023 

Construction Period: June 2023 – August 2023 

Total Project Cost (projected)