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Student Account Migration to the New Environment - TUS Systems Integration FAQ


As part of the ongoing TUS Systems Integration project, your existing AIT and LIT Active Directory and Office 365 logins and accounts will be migrating to TUS in Summer 2023. You will receive further communications in the coming weeks and months with more details.

When will this migration happen?

The migration will begin on May 29th, 2023.  

What will happen?

Your account will be migrated to the new TUS environment

How will I access my new account?

On the day your account is migrated, you will log in to your E-mail, OneDrive, and other Office 365 applications with your new login instead of your or login – in the format <studentnumber>

e.g. will now log in as will now log in as

In order to get your account set up properly, you will need to login first on a desktop/laptop or tablet device, as you will need your phone to set up MFA by scanning a QR code.


Note that you will be required to set up MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator phone app on your new account when logging on for the first time. See the instructions below for details:

Use Microsoft Authenticator with Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Support 

Will I have a new password?

Yes, you will have a new password for your new TUS account. You will be notified of your new password by e-mail to your current account. This e-mail will come from the TUS Systems Integration Team – please be sure to check your e-mail when notified about the migration changeover. 

If you need assistance to have your password changed for your new account after migration, please contact the helpdesk.

What is being migrated?

Your logon username and OneDrive data will be migrated to your new TUS account. Your OneDrive data will be migrated to your new OneDrive over the course of the summer and will be ready for use by the start of the academic year in September 2023.

You will have a new, empty mailbox when you sign into your new account.

What is NOT being migrated?

Your e-mail mailbox and any other Office 365 data such as Teams, Forms, Planner, Yammer, PowerBI etc will not be migrated

If you need to export data from these O365 apps, please see the guides below from Microsoft:

MS Outlook:

Back up your email – Microsoft Support

Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file – Microsoft Support

MS Teams:

Download a file from Teams – Microsoft Support

MS Forms:

How do I export my form responses? – Microsoft Support


Export data from a Power BI visualization – Power BI | Microsoft Learn


Export a plan to Excel – Microsoft Support

You can find information on how to migrate data from other Office 365 apps by searching the terms ‘How do I migrate data from <my O365 app>’ on Google or your preferred search engine. If you need further assistance with exporting or migrating this data, please contact the helpdesk.

Will I be able to access my old data after the migration?

Yes. The migration is a copy operation – data will still be in its old location after migration and can be accessed if necessary after the migration, until January 2024. 

Your old data will be READ-ONLY after migration – you will be able to access your old e-mail and OneDrive data, but you will not be able to send from your old e-mail address, nor will you be able to save to your old OneDrive. You can export the data from these per the instructions above and copy them to your new account.

Note that mail sent to your old or e-mail address post-migration will be delivered to your new mailbox.

How will I log in to my apps after the migration is complete?

Logging into Moodle, Banner, or any Office 365 apps should be done by accessing the your My Applications page when you login with your credentials

The list of apps and the credentials to use to access them is available here:

TUS Systems – links to services

The Integration team are working on transferring application logins to TUS. For a period of time after the migration there will be some apps that require you to login using your original or username and password, and some that will require your username and password. A list of what logins to use with what applications will be made available closer to the cutover day.

How can I add my new account to my personal device or smartphone

Please follow the Microsoft guidelines below to get your account set up on your personal Windows device, Android, or iPhone.

Add an email account to Outlook – Microsoft Support

Set up email in Android email app – Microsoft Support

Set up an Outlook account on the iOS Mail app – Microsoft Support

Using a Private Browser to access services or data with your old account.

If you are logging in to your device and your Office 365 account with your new username/password, and you need to access an application that requires your old or username/password, you must use a private browser (or incognito) session. Instructions on how to launch a browser in private mode can be found at the link below:

How to use an incognito or InPrivate browser to access your account, services or data

Where can I get assistance or further information on the migration to TUS?

If you need further information, or assistance with exporting or migrating this data, please contact the helpdesk.

 TUS Midlands helpdesk:

TUS Midwest helpdesk: