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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 

11th Feb 2022   /   Online   /   All Day

The United Nations designated International Day of Women and Girls in Science provides an opportunity to highlight the continued need for action to ensure the voices of women and girls are heard in the world of science.

Since 2015, when world leaders agreed to Sustainable Development Goals which emphasised the importance of education, gender equality and inclusive infrastructure, the world has made significant progress in encouraging women and girls in all STEM areas. However, there is more work to be done

On this day, we need to remind ourselves of the need to harness the creativity and innovative minds of all women and girls. Investment in inclusive STEM education is essential at global and national levels.

On an individual level, families, communities, and individuals can do the following in our daily lives. Today launches the first in a series of activities and resources that will help to make STEM interesting to women and girls into.

Building a sustainable inclusive STEM pipeline is possible, and everyone can get involved.

Watch - Dr. Kathryn Hosey from Abbott talks about her career in science Read – How Does Gender Influence Course Options in Higher Education by Dr Anna Chatzi and Dr Catriona Murphy Read – Activities and online resources for the promotion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science