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Code4Fun Coding Camp for TY Students

29th Nov 2021   /   TUS Athlone Campus   /   Monday 29th Nov - Friday 3rd Dec
Date: 29th Nov – 3rd Dec 2021    Location: TUS Athlone Campus

Code4Fun is a free camp for aspiring coders, which encourages them to unleash their creativity by conceptualising, coding and evaluating technology solutions to real-world problems. Over the course of the week, participants gain an understanding of the practical application of theory and critical skills in a collaborative environment.

The goal is to get students to start thinking like software engineers and figure out solutions to problems through effective teamwork and communication. Recreating the dynamic atmosphere of leading software companies, participants will experience the fun, creativity and innovation of a rapidly evolving sector.

Anonymised feedback from previous camps is incredibly positive with students citing it as “fun”, “informational” and “insightful”. One transition-year student said that it had inspired them to want to pursue computer science in the Leaving Certificate and a degree in software thereafter, while another said that the camp was a great way of meeting new people and practicing their coding skills. Summing up the experience, a student said, “Coding is definitely something I would love to continue in the future and [it’s] all because of this camp.”

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