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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee

TUS has established an Equality Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee. The role of this Committee is to oversee and provide guidance and direction for the achievement of equality, diversity and inclusion objectives across TUS.

Membership is as follows:


Role in TUS

Prof. Vincent Cunnane

President (Chair)

Marian Duggan

Vice President People, Culture & EDI

Dr. Terry Twomey

Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar

Dr. Liam Brown

Vice President Research, Development & Innovation

Frances O’Connell

Vice President Student Education & Experience

Peter Doyle

HR Manager, TUS Midwest

Liam Brennan

HR Manager, TUS Midlands

Dr. Carol Wrenn

EDI Manager, TUS Midwest

Linda Barry   

Academic Administrator & Student Affairs Manager, TUS Midwest

Sarah La Cumbre

Student Resource Centre Manager, TUS Midlands


Marketing Manager

Nuala Harding

Head of Teaching & Learning

Dr Maura Clancy

Dean TUS Midwest

Dr Don Faller

Dean, TUS Midlands


HOD, TUS Midlands

Dr. Susan Halvey

HOD, TUS Midwest

Aine Daly

Student Union President